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    Ka’ana is a boutique development of nine condos

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    Aldea Zama is a bold step that defines modern life in the Riviera Maya

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    Heart of Tulum

    The condos are surfaced with handmade finishes

    Porcelain tile floors and wood carpentry complement the neutral palette

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    Jungle View

    The rooftop offers 360 panorama of the jungle and the tropical wildlife

    Designed by CDK estudio and built by JRL Desarrollos

Kaana Tulum Condos

Tulum Real Estate

Ka'ana Tulum- Front Facade

Ka’ana Tulum was born of the desire to reconnect with nature, and from the aim of merging the luminescent grandeur of the Caribbean coast of Quintana Roo with the delicacy, symmetry and minimalism of Boho chic architecture. Located in the heart of Tulum, Ka’ana Tulum is the only residential development that offers its residents a harmonious experience with the surrounding jungle as part of a contemplative environment characterized by a mood of absolute relaxation.

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Ka'ana Tulum- Side Facade

The development is composed of two parallel volumes, with the third in front of the main entrance, providing green views from all the apartments in the buildings. The footprint of the development has been minimized with 44% of the site retained as permeable landscaping on natural jungle floor.

Tulum Real Estate

Ka'ana Tulum- Top View

The rooftop is presented as a continuation of the social areas: an open space with a pergola that allows enjoyment during the day, and an open lounge area with a small pool and 360° panorama of the jungle and the tropical wildlife.

Tulum Real Estate

Ka'ana Tulum- Garden View

Each ground floor apartment has 2 bedrooms, with a living/dining room and kitchen open to a garden floor and a private pool. The master bedroom features a private patio with direct access to the small pool/Jacuzzi.